The work represented at A.Space showcases the inspired talents of extraordinary artists across a variety of creative mediums, including oils, acrylics, glass, bronze, steel, stone and more. Learn more about each artist and their individual expressions below.

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Bronle Crosby

Bronle is an abstract realist painter who lives and works in San Diego, CA. Her artistic goal is to invoke calm and contemplation. She paints transitions: close-ups of movement in the natural world, in subtle colors and painterly detail. Bronle teaches painting and drawing, and volunteers for and is on the executive board of ArtReach San Diego. She is married and has two children.

Karen Folgner

Karen Folgner’s passion for art began at an early age with the discovery of her talent for accurately portraying representational subjects. However today, the Hillsborough artist enjoys the freedom of abstract painting, applying oil or acrylic paint thickly on canvas to create an impasto quality.

She paints in gestural motions that allow her paintings to explore the past and future of the mind and soul through color and texture. Using palette knives, brushes and, at times, unconventional tools, the artist applies paint as a three-dimensional material. Indeed, her expressive use of strong texture and movement have caught the eye of collectors across the country.

Karen’s current body of work is an intuitive abstract representation of her internal contemplations. At times the mind can clear intrusive thoughts; at other times, anxieties can produce internal chaos, she explains. Each piece holds a place in time—a particular state of mind—that it impersonates.

Judy Gaulke

Judy Gaulke is a local artist working in oil on canvas most of her life, painting seriously since 1988 when she had her first showing, then her first gallery representation in 1990. She is attracted to lone objects and scenes not yet populated — table settings, chairs, boats — all interpreted to give the viewer a sense of calm. Both Judy’s paintings and etchings are widely collected by individuals and some corporations.

Steve Hare

Artist Steve Hare works primarily in acrylics using multiple techniques like choosing dry wall taping knives instead of traditional paint brushes as his instrument of choice when creating non-representational abstracts. Through creative color mixing, Steve employs bold color combinations on both canvas and birch panels.

During his creative process, Steve pulls from his everyday life in Oklahoma City in an effort to convey the human experience in his work. The artist portrays a sense of order in his abstracts which only presents itself as the viewer sees and interprets how he casts paint. In addition to creating abstracts, Steve is a talented painter in both Impressionism and Realism styles.

Archie Held

Archie Held is an internationally recognized artist who has been creating sculpture since the late 1970’s. He studied at UCLA for both his graduate and undergraduate degrees. He opened his Richmond, CA based studio in 1985 and has produced numerous private and public commissions. His large studio employs a team of talented artists and metal fabricators. Held’s sculptures are primarily constructed in bronze and stainless steel and he has recently added glass and granite to his palette of materials. He is well known for his ability to incorporate water as a central element to further complement his simple and elegant designs. He enjoys the challenge and process of working with clients on unique site-specific projects.

Gino Hollander

Gino Hollander (1924 – August 27, 2015) was a self-taught American painter who began painting in New York City during the abstract expressionist movement. His paintings sold to the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, Steve McQueen, Norman Rockwell, and Ralph Lauren.

A prolific painter, Gino’s work was honest and emotional; he painted for himself. He had no desire to engage in a dialogue with the viewer. He believed it was for him to paint, and for the viewer to view. He refused to title his paintings because he has no stories to tell. To him, “there is nothing verbal about a canvas. A painting is simply one way to express a feeling and feelings can only be made less if they are talked to death.”

Siri Hollander

Siri Hollander was born in New York in 1959 and lived most of her childhood in Andalusia, Spain. Influenced by a family of artists, she began sculpting at the age of seventeen. Seemingly isolated from normalcy, Siri established a connection with the horses and other animals that surrounded her in her youth. By apprenticing with several accomplished sculptors both in America and Spain, she developed her own sculptural form based on her unique subjects, horses and figurative forms.

Siri’s sculptural medium combines steel and cement, creating her trademarked texture which, when cast in bronze, brings her sculptures to life. She has become a master of three-dimensional images of horses. Siri’s self-taught process constructs the sculptures with no sketches or maquettes, working directly with steel and recycled metal to combine realism and abstraction, emphasizing the rough essence of the subject.

Ann Hollingsworth

Ann Hollingsworth is a working artist in the Bay Area of California, where she makes sculptures in a combination of materials, often reclaimed from construction materials. She studied glass making at California College of the Arts from 2000 until 2005, receiving a degree in sculpture. Additional studies were done at Corning Glass Museum, Pilchuck Glass School, Kala Institute as an artist in residence and at American Indian Art Institute in Santa Fe New Mexico .

Stephen King

In participation with the Bay Area Month of Photography (BAYMOP) this September, A.Space Design Gallery is honored to welcome Hong Kong Fine Arts Photographer Stephen King. His Micro Patterns in a Macro World exhibit features a collection of stunning landscape images from around the world Iceland, China, South America, among others. King brings his distinguished perspective to each composition as he captures nature’s expressive patterns emboldened by color and light. A product of two cultures,King points to his love of Chinese ink painting and American Abstract Expressionism as influences that help inform his aesthetic. When not pursuing his photographic passions, King manages a hedge fund and investment office in Hong Kong.

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis is a plein air, still life and studio painter living in Monterey, California, where the brilliant sunlight and sparkling scenery is a constant inspiration. The artist enjoyed a long career as an illustrator, designer, and fine artist—working in various mediums including watercolor, scratchboard, paper sculpture, and acrylic—before returning to his native California and turning his brush to plein air landscape oil painting.

Robert also enjoys the intimate art of the still life, feeling that still life has the powerful quality of suggesting the human presence. His large studio canvases fill a room with rich color and brushwork. Today, Robert works in oils on canvas and all of his plein air work is alla prima as are many of his still lifes.

Stephanie Paige

Stephanie Paige has been captivated by all things creative her entire life as she was born into an extremely talented family of painters, writers, musicians and craftsmen. Stephanie began painting abstracts as a young adult and started selling her paintings to private collectors. In 1990, she moved to Southern California, establishing herself as a freelance artist and illustrator. Stephanie created murals and artistic finishes full time for private and commercial clients for 15 years. Inspired by her discovery of Buddhism, the artist created her current Abstract Mixed Media Collection in 2008, finding an even deeper meaning to her work.

Today, Stephanie is a well-established contemporary artist, working full time in her home studio where she continues to hone her craft. Stephanie is represented by several galleries across the country and her abstract paintings have found homes with private art collectors around the world.

Alison Haley Paul

Alison Haley Paul is a contemporary painter of lavishly textured landscapes full of nuanced color.

Alison grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, and majored in Art and Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. There she studied ceramics with Byron Temple, a disciple of Bernard Leach, and design with sculptor David Lee Brown. After earning a BA in Interior Design at the Design Institute in San Diego and many years as a successful interior designer she has now returned to her studio full time. Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums, solo shows, and public and private collections worldwide.

Patricia Qualls

Originally a clinical psychologist, Patricia Qualls is a Monterey Peninsula artist whose mind is a rare blend of art and science. Patricia began painting as a creative outlet, expressing herself with a love of gestural painting. Soon, her creative outlet became an obsession, and she decided to leave her practice to pursue art full time. In true scientific fashion, Patricia approaches each painting as an experiment, and, in true artistic freedom, she has no expectations for the outcome.

Whether it is serene abstract landscapes or vibrant works full of energy, each of Patricia’s paintings offer a glimpse into her thoughts and emotions: a glimpse that often resonates with her collectors around the world.

Gail Ragains

For abstract figurative artist Gail Ragains, painting is about the discoveries revealed while taking risks. With her intuitive feel of the figure and movement, Gail strips away the non-essentials to give a loose interpretation of form, movement and human expression. She is drawn to compelling colors and bold brushstrokes. She mainly works in acrylics and mixed media but likes to keep her work fresh with new materials and techniques. Gail took her first drawing class at the Palo Alto Cultural Center in 1993 and now is represented in select galleries in California, North Carolina and British Columbia. Her home studio is in Redwood City.

Ruth-Anne Siegel

Ruth-Anne Siegel grew up on Long Island and from a very young age knew that she wanted to be an artist. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received a BFA in graphic design. Siegel has spent her career working as a graphic designer in New York City and now in the San Francisco Bay area. Recognizing her desire to create fine art, she began painting in oils, collage, and acrylics.

Siegel, an acrylic painter of abstract art, is currently focusing on flowers. Her abstract floral portraits are bold with vibrant colors and expressive paint strokes. With flowers, she has the freedom to capture impressions of colors, light, and movement with brushwork filled with emotion. With thick paint, palette knives, and silky brushes, Siegel is able to create a textured canvas that brings the viewer into this world of enveloping buds, blossoms, and twisting, turning growth.

Dona Tracy

As the founder of a center for injured wildlife (Wildcare Inc./Hudson Valley Raptor Center) for more than 25 years, Dona Tracy has an affinity for all living beings. Currently residing in San Diego, Dona refers to herself as a “life photographer” who attempts to capture the essence of her subject presented in a certain place and time. Her studio is the natural world where she relies on the sun to light her subjects in the habitat where they are most comfortable. Her photography is a collaborative experience about life, connection, uniqueness and beauty with inner light shining through, telling a story of a moment in time.

Yucali Seki

A product of bicultural life, Yucali was born and raised in Japan but has spent much of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area. After her childhood and youth in the beautiful mountain region of Nagano and studying in Tokyo, she came to California to study and obtained a degree in Practice of Art from UC Berkeley (with a minor in American Literature) with the departmental citation. In the years following, she also lived in Paris, and traveled throughout Europe and Asia.

A rare mentorship under the artist/teacher, Jane Rosen, whom she has studied since their meeting in Berkeley, has further honed Yucali’s passion to discover and understand the truthful meanings of life through art making.

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